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Members of the White Lotus and Chief Lin Beifong of Republic City spent the next thirteen years interrogating each member of the Red Lotus in order to determine the gang's motives, but were ultimately unsuccessful. Shortly after the Harmonic Convergence of AG, Zaheer acquired airbending abilities, which he used to ambush the sentries outside of his cell when they came to bring him his daily ration of rice and escaped.

Fate of the Red Lotus

He promptly traveled to Ghazan's prison and used his disguise as a White Lotus sentry to come close enough to board the wooden ship. While evading the attacks of the sentries, he managed to provide the earthbender three pieces of earth, which Ghazan promptly used to lavabend and break out of his wooden holding. After having done away with all the sentries, the two men greeted each other and Zaheer explained that his abilities were a result of Harmonic Convergence, which he saw as a sign that the group's path was righteous.

The two promptly headed to free their third associate, Ming-Hua, who was detained in a volcanic facility devoid of moisture.


After providing her with water to escape, the three resolved to free P'Li from the tundras of the Northern Water Tribe , prompting Lord Zuko to take action. Using a snowstorm conjured by Zaheer to act as cover, the three made their way toward P'Li's prison in the western ice tundra at the North Pole. While Zaheer faced off with Tonraq and Ghazan kept Zuko busy, Ming-Hua quickly defeated Chiefs Desna and Eska and drilled her way down to P'Li's underground cell, where she incapacitated the two guards on duty and freed the combustionbender.

Resurfacing, the two were immediately attacked by Druk , Zuko's dragon , though P'Li managed to redirect the flames and retaliate with a combustion beam of her own. The Red Lotus sought refuge in an apartment complex located in Republic City. As part of their plan to find the Avatar, the four criminals traveled to Republic City and sought refuge in an apartment complex overran by spirit vines. Zaheer shaved his head and infiltrated Air Temple Island under the guise of "Yorru" in an attempt to determine Korra's whereabouts, though his apparent knowledge of Air Nomad culture and desire to meet the Avatar aroused suspicion from Kya , who realized his true identity.

After a short battle, Zaheer managed to defeat Kya and fled the island using a glider he had stolen from Tenzin's office. After returning to base, P'Li chastised Zaheer for exposing himself on Air Temple Island and compromising the group's whereabouts, stating that the incident prompted the police to initiate a citywide manhunt for them. In light of the recent event, Ghazan inquired whether the group would continue with their plan to attack President Raiko , an operation which Zaheer decided to delay in order to focus on determining a method to leave the city.

To that end, the group ambushed a truck driver, whom Ming-Hua threatened to smuggle them all out of the city undetected. The truck driver attempted to drive out of the city via a bridge, though by the time they got there, the road had already been barricaded and every vehicle was being searched by the police. Anxious over the situation, the driver wavered while questioned by the officers, who forced him out of the vehicle as a result.

The truck driver fled the scene and left the police to open the back of the truck, from where Zaheer launched a surprise airbending blast, knocking the officers back and giving Ming-Hua enough time to gain control of the wheel and begin driving out of the city. The four were pursued by five police cars, three of which were immediately blown up by P'Li's combustion beams. In order to halt the remaining officers, Ghazan turned a section of the road into lava, which allowed the four to successfully escape. Zaheer used meditation to determine Korra 's whereabouts.

The group temporarily camped in a forest outside of the city, where Ghazan, Ming-Hua, and P'Li discussed how to find the Avatar while Zaheer meditated. The waterbender expressed her regret over not having taken a police officer to interrogate for Korra's whereabouts, but P'Li simply reassured the two that they would find the Avatar in due time. With the aid of Aiwei, the Red Lotus infiltrated Zaofu under the cover of darkness, managing to capture the Avatar by sedating her and Naga with shirshu-spit darts. Their escape did not go unnoticed, however, as Pabu alerted Mako and Bolin , who subsequently attacked the Red Lotus and drew attention to the group's presence.

The foursome was soon surrounded by members of the Metal Clan, who used their metalbending to box them in between metal plates. However, Ghazan used his own skill to free themselves by creating a lava moat, forcing a stalemate between the two groups. Eventually, Bolin managed to block P'Li's chi by striking her third eye with a pebble, while Lin and Suyin Beifong dropped in from above on cables and rescued Korra.

Zaheer attempted to recapture the Avatar, but was thwarted by Suyin, who pierced the wing of his glider with metal shards, forcing him to make a crash landing near the rest of his team.

The Red Lotus When Korra Broke the Chains LOK- BOOK 3 CHAPTER 13 in a Nutshell | Book Meme on

Realizing their attempt to kidnap Korra had failed, Zaheer created an air dome to cover their escape. Zaheer answered Korra 's questions about the Red Lotus as a way to distract her. In the Spirit World , Zaheer confronted Aiwei over what had happened at Zaofu, blaming the truth seer for the debacle and accused him of having left loose ends. Although Aiwei assured the airbender that there was no evidence left linking back to the Red Lotus, Zaheer deemed Aiwei himself to be a liability and subsequently threw his soul into the Fog of Lost Souls.

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Afterward, he returned to Xai Bau's Grove to have a conversation with Korra, who had followed Aiwei there. While secretly alerting his friends back in the physical world that Korra was at an inn in the Misty Palms Oasis , he distracted her by telling her about the origins of the Red Lotus and how Unalaq had engineered their first attempt to kidnap her. Before they could locate the room she was in, Asami , carrying Korra while riding Naga, made a break for it, while Mako and Bolin instigated a fight with Ming-Hua and Ghazan.

Eventually Ming-Hua managed to gain the upper hand against Mako, throwing him into a door and rendering him unconscious. As Bolin tried to avoid the burning lava bent by Ghazan by jumping into the inn's pool, Ming-Hua waterbent a sphere of water around him, effectively trapping him.

Commanding the Red Lotus

While holding the two brothers aloft, she told Ghazan to pursue Korra. The latter promptly informed them to load the brothers onto the truck and prepare to head to the Earth Kingdom capital. With nothing else to do, the four in the back engaged in a conversation. Although Ming-Hua and Ghazan deflected Mako's inquiries about their plans, they humored Bolin by answering his questions in regards to their time in prison.

The questionnaire was cut short, however, as Zaheer ordered Ghazan to gag the brothers depending their arrival at the Earth Kingdom capital. Inside the palace, the four gained an audience with Earth Queen Hou-Ting by baiting her with information about "her" airbenders. Notify me of new comments via email.

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Skip to content. The R. Like this: Like Loading Sullivan Fiction William Bentrim says:. January 2, at am. My only complaint is where is the next story! Nice job with setting up a potential series.

January 5, at pm. William Bentrim says:. February 22, at pm. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview From the moment Sayuri Arai leaves Earth in her father's private shuttle to dock with Pandora Orbital Space Station, she can't shake a feeling of dread. Her father is the CEO of one of the most successful space mining corporations in the solar system and she's an honors graduate of Harvard Earth Campus. Within days, Sayuri transitions from diligent student to corporate vice president. As she faces a future that most people can only dream of, Sayuri knows the path handed to her is not the one she's destined to travel.

She then learns of a run-down mining spaceship in her father's fleet scheduled for demolition. Sympathetic to the displaced crew, Sayuri sets out to change the fate of the Red Lotus, and perhaps discover her destiny in the process. In the tradition of Andre Norton and Gene Roddenberry, Fate of the Red Lotus is the first of a series of all-ages science fiction novelettes--re-igniting a classic sense of wonder for today's readers.

Red Lotus

Product Details About the Author. Seventh Star Press will produce a new, authorized edition of the first book, Haunting Blue, later this year. His newest project is the Red Lotus series of science fiction novelettes for readers of all ages. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Beyond the Red Sky. At a secret Air Base in the middle of the desert, Capt. Andrews Andy is Andrews Andy is one of an elite team of highly skilled pilots who are trained to pursue alien aircraft that enter Earth's air space.