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Are you or someone you love among the over ten million Americans who suffer from some sort of pet-related allergy? The Sneeze-Free Cat Owner is entirely devoted to helping cat lovers who suffer from pet-related allergies find an appropriate breed for their family. This unique guide features in-depth breed profiles that include grooming needs, personality traits, activity levels, and health issues for cats compatible with allergic owners.

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How to Get a Cat to Stop Sneezing

You may also like. Owner's Manuals Catalogs. About 11 percent of cats end up back in shelters because their owners are allergic, according to the ASPCA. With 3. FEL-D1 There is a lot of confusion and misinformation about what exactly causes an allergic reaction to cats.

Sneeze-free cats?

When a cat grooms itself or goes to the potty, it releases Fel-d1, a feline allergen, into the air, and onto its skin and hair. An allergic reaction happens when someone with a cat allergy breathes the air or comes into contact with protein-laden hair or dander. Some of the symptoms of cat allergies include coughing and wheezing, hives or rashes, red, itchy eyes, runny noses, and sneezing. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to hours for symptoms to appear. All cats produce the allergen, so there isn't a truly hypoallergenic cat.

Male cats produce the most allergens, and those who are intact make more allergens than neutered males, according to PetFinder.

Cat Lovers Lining Up for No-Sneeze Kitties

Some breeds can be more problematic for allergy sufferers than others. Cats with darker coats tend to give off more allergens. And allergy sufferers should stay away from short-haired cats since their coats don't hold the protein against their skin like long-haired cats, EverydayHealth. The Balinese, the Bengal and the Burmese are all breeds that produce low levels of allergens. But the consensus is the Siberian is best suited for people with cat allergies.

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Erica Rice said she and her husband adopted a Siberian kitten after they discovered their 2-year-old daughter Brianna couldn't live with cats.