Captain James H. Blethen, Master Mariner (The Maritime Heritage Project Book 2)

32 items From Italy IL DIARIO DELLA MARCHESA ANNA CASATI FALLARINO / First Edition (Agli Eccellentisimi Signori Conte Leonardo Castracani di Fano e PRIMA MORIRE LA MARCHESA COLOMBI GIUSEPPE GALLI

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Satapathy, … et al. Nof, Jose Ceroni, … et al. A Concise Guide - John C. Psycharis, … et al. Wong, … et al. White, Jon Martin, J. Discussion The results presented here establish concepts, as well as routes for practical implementation, for 3D microstructure designs in soft electronics.

Methods Finite element analysis Three-dimensional FEA techniques allowed prediction of the mechanical deformations and stress distributions of helical interconnects and entire circuit systems, during processes of compressive buckling and re-stretching. Fabrication process for soft wireless electronics Processes similar to those described in the previous section, but with additional steps in spin-casting, metal deposition, photolithography and reactive ion etching yielded networks with electrically isolated crossing points and contact pads as interfaces to electronic components.

Circuit design for three-axis acceleration sensing module A digital accelerometer ADXL, Analog Devices enabled measurements along three orthogonal axes. Circuit design for wireless powering module Resonant inductive coupling using an unshielded wire wound inductor coil 27TC, Murata Power Solutions Inc.

Data availability The data that support the findings of this study are available from the corresponding authors on reasonable request. Additional information How to cite this article: Supplementary Material Supplementary Information: Click here to view. Footnotes The authors declare no competing financial interests. Materials and mechanics for stretchable electronics. Science , Emerging technologies for next-generation point-of-care testing.

Electronics for the human body. JAMA , Materials and technologies for soft implantable neuroprostheses. The rise of plastic bioelectronics. Nature , A rubberlike stretchable active matrix using elastic conductors. Stretchable active-matrix organic light-emitting diode display using printable elastic conductors.

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An ultra-lightweight design for imperceptible plastic electronics. A transparent bending-insensitive pressure sensor. Intrinsically stretchable and healable semiconducting polymer for organic transistors. A stretchable form of single-crystal silicon for high-performance electronics on rubber substrates. Multifunctional wearable devices for diagnosis and therapy of movement disorders. Soft microfluidic assemblies of sensors, circuits, and radios for the skin.

Science , 70 Electronic dura mater for long-term multimodal neural interfaces. Fully integrated wearable sensor arrays for multiplexed in situ perspiration analysis. Highly stretchable polymer semiconductor films through the nanoconfinement effect. Science , 59 Controlled 3D buckling of silicon nanowires for stretchable electronics. ACS Nano 5 , Buckling of aligned carbon nanotubes as stretchable conductors: Highly deformable liquid-state heterojunction sensors.

User-interactive electronic skin for instantaneous pressure visualization. Stretchable, transparent, ionic conductors. Kirigami-based stretchable lithium-ion batteries. Stretchable interconnects for elastic electronic surfaces. IEEE 93 , Compliant thin film patterns of stiff materials as platforms for stretchable electronics. Materials and noncoplanar mesh designs for integrated circuits with linear elastic responses to extreme mechanical deformations.

USA , In situ observations on deformation behavior and stretching-induced failure of fine pitch stretchable interconnect. The effects of encapsulation on deformation behavior and failure mechanisms of stretchable interconnects. Thin Solid Films , Stretchable batteries with self-similar serpentine interconnects and integrated wireless recharging systems. Fractal design concepts for stretchable electronics. A graphene-based electrochemical device with thermoresponsive microneedles for diabetes monitoring and therapy.

A soft, wearable microfluidic device for the capture, storage, and colorimetric sensing of sweat. Rugged and breathable forms of stretchable electronics with adherent composite substrates for transcutaneous monitoring. Stretchable silicon nanoribbon electronics for skin prosthesis. Dritter Band. Indische Skizzen German as Author Inselwelt. Australische Skizzen. Band German as Author Der Kunstreiter, 2. Band German as Author Der Kunstreiter, 3.

Ein Volksbuch. German as Author Unter Palmen und Buchen. Unter Buchen.

D'où viennent les noms de famille?

Unter Palmen. Skizzen eines deutschen Malers German as Author of introduction, etc. I Spanish as Author of introduction, etc.

A history of the French in London: liberty, equality, opportunity

English as Illustrator Giberne Sieveking, I. Isabel See: Sieveking, I. Giddings, Joshua R. Murphy's Chowder? English as Translator Giese, William F. English as Illustrator Gilbert, John C. English as Author Giles, Harry F. George Gillespie Vol. Gillette, F. Peter and St. Containing ample evidence that this disease, under whatever name known, cannot be transmitted from the persons of those labouring under it to other individuals, by contact—through the medium of inanimate substances—or through the medium of the atmosphere; and that all restrictions, by cordons and quarantine regulations, are, as far as regards this disease, not merely useless, but highly injurious to the community.

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Gilbert Wolf , Gilly, William O. English Gilson, Jewett C. Girard, Roselle M. Gladstone, M. Prolegomena II. Ilios: Trojans and Greeks Compared. Thalassa: The Outer Geography. Aoidos: Some Points of the Poetry of Homer. Benjamin Floyer , Glaser, F. Gertrude M.

Katherine Eliza See: Bitting, K. Katherine Golden , Golden, M.

Dexter J. English as Author Goldschmidt, H. Charles II. Goldsmith's History of Rome to which is prefixed an introduction to the study of Roman history, and a great variety of valuable information added throughout the work, on the manners, institutions, and antiquities of the Romans; with numerous biographical and historical notes; and questions for examination at the end of each section. By Wm. Returned Prisoners. Jane Goodwin , Goodwin, John E. Gordon, C. I English as Author St. John C.

A Novel English as Author of introduction, etc. Joseph J. Mansfield, Brigadier General of the U. Sabine , Gould, W. De Gourmont, Remy Drexelius, J. Le Danois, N. L'Ymagier en. Henry Marquis, Raoul fr. Harold See: Richards, H. XLI, No. XXXI, No.

XXX, No. XXXV, No. Streamer Streamer, Col. Isabella Graham. Europe—Whither Bound? Lemoine, A. See: Harbaugh, T.

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Thomas Chalmers , Grant, A. Stand to! John L. Grant, Part 1. English as Author Personal Memoirs of U. Grant, Part 2. Grant, Part 3. Grant, Part 4. Grant, Part 5. Grant, Part 6. Punch's History of Modern England, Vol. English as Author Gray, Emma J. Also, an Authentic Account of the Whole Insurrection. English as Compiler Gray, Walter T.