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Murder In Harrill Hills

You are not nor will you ever be forgotten. Rest In Peace Brother. Blue and Gold forever. Thank you and your family for your sacrifice and service. May the coward that took your life rot and suffer. My husband Earnie Noble was Al's brother in law and Judy's younger brother.

Earnie passed away in December I heard many stories about the relationship he and Al had. They were dear friends and Earnie considered him his brother.

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They did many things together when Al was alive. Al's death was a shock to the whole family. Though I did not know him personally, I knew that he was beloved by his family and friends. He was a dedicated officer, father and friend. God rest his soul and be with his family and friends. Harrill Hill had been one of my "sucess stories". After surving time for minor crimes in the CYA, he worked hard to find employment and rebuild his life.

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While in custody, Harrill had sustained brain damage from a beating by a correctional officer. I testified at his trial not to get him off but to keep him from getting the death penalty sentence. Harrill left his sucessful job and went to work for a relative not long before this ugly incident occurred.

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This clearly was a mistake as once he lost a structure, he lost all sense of direction and meaning in his life. He was not an animal. He was a damaged human being. There is no excuse for what he did and like all such incidents the pain travels throughout many lives. The best way to remember Officer Turner is through forgiveness. Harrill will spend the rest of his life in prison deservedly. Such a sad loss of lives on all accounts.

Sympathize with the family of this noble CHP officer. When going down the highway took a picture of the plate and now I know what it really means. Force everyone! I think about Al and that night often. My memories of Al are dim because I was so young. He was a neighbor, father of my friends and a fellow officer to my father. The night that animal shot him, is the night that changed all our lives forever. I think all of us that lived through that have very vivid and painful memories.

I remember being woke up, and whisked away to another officer's families home as my mother went with Judy to Fresno to be with Al. She stayed with Judy entire time time. We came together as the CHP family we were, and are to this day. We also were forced to realize just how real the dangers to our fathers were, that day. As Al fought for his life, we were fearful as we watched our fathers continue to strap on their guns and leave for work each day.

My family was always close with the Turner family. Bryan and my brother and sister were best friends, he was a little brother to me. To this day I believe the day that animal shot Al he shot Bryan too, it just took Bryan almost 17 more years to die from his wounds. And Vampires. The Ark The Resurrection Wager. Johan M. Dahlgren Under A Dark Sky. Execution Of Justice. The Spirit of the Age. Goose Pit Hash. The Keepers Connor Revealed. Penniless Hearts The Fifth Commandment. Alchemist Gift. By The Light of a Darkened Forest.

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