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Mary Jane, 40, Benj. Goudey, John Redding, Joseph Tooker. Margaret, 86, Angus Rose.

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Nancy, 28, Stephen aild Richard Rose. Belle, 21, James Jenkins. Ocean, 96, Ebenezer Ricker. Swallow, 66, John Bingay. Minerva, 44, Benjamin Crosby. Marie, 43, Joseph Tooker, James Dennis and others. Union, 81, Joseph, Lemuel and Benjamin Robbins. Catherine, 12, T. Mary Ann, 11, Felix Deveaux. Lark, 97, George Bingay. M Wellington, 69, Ambrose Dennis, Jos. Atlantic, 63, George Hanter. Chart, 87, Jacob, Jas. Superb, 87, Duncan Alexander. Fiddle, 26, Dominique, Benj.

Hiram, , William C. Matilda, 48, Joshua Trefry. Bass, 44, Jacob Wyman. Surprise, 42, Benjamin Bingay. Three Sisters, 39, Seth Johnson. Royal Oak, 39, Robert Kelley. Mary, 38, Samuel Kelley. Anne, 16, Peter Guiddery, Joseph Mallet. Rover, 15, Stephen Wilcox. Hope, 13, James Philips. Mary Sanderson, 69, Gilbert Orpasby. IVi '. Hibernia, 48, John and George Bingay. Elizabeth, 45, Joshua Trefry. William, 89, Jacob Hilton.

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Tuskot, , George Biugay, George W. Dandy, 43, James B. Moody and others. Fish Hawk, 25, Jeremiah Healey. William and Margaret, 25, Prince Kinney. Castor, 60, Anthony Landers. Jane, 60, Thomas Crosby. Star, 48, Robert Kelloy. Sally Ann, 18, Manasseh Cook. Sarah, 80, Israel Lovitt. Hannah, 54, Jeremiah Healey, Henry Hilton. George, 52, John Durkee. Argyle, 50, John Hardy. Edward and Mary, 40, Edward Crosby.

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Olive Branch, 87y Comfort Haley. Adventure, 83, Waitstill Patch. Isabella, 25, owned at Tusket. Eeoord of Yarmouth Shippinq. Thomas and Jane, 65, Thomas Crosby. Mary Elizabeth, 62, Lemuel Crosby. Sarah, 64, William Harris. Prosperity, 48, George Bingay and others. Daniel Dana, 26, Philip Hemeon. Moody, Robert Brown. Oceanus, 81, Ambrose Dennis. John and Sarah, 75, J. Mary, 71, Joseph Tooker.

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Trefry, Pleiades, , John Durkee. Henrietta, , Isaac Morehouse. Halcyon, , Leonard Weston. Diamond, , George Trefry. Helen, , Samuel Rust, Samuel Eillam. Doucette and others. Janet, 69, Rohert Brown. Caroline, 56, Walter Larkin.

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Glare, 53, James Cook. Twins, 39, J. Welcome Return, 39, Thomas Grantham. Mary Ann, 33, Benj. Industry, 12, S. British Queen, , John Cook. I Tom Cringle, 93, F. Mechanic, , Lyman Cann. Adelaide, 84, John Murray. Ellen, 76, David Flint. Elizabeth and Esther, 60, Robert Brown. Revenue, 60, John Tooker. Hannah, 47, C. Amethyst, 44, Jacob Hilton and others. Lark, 43, R. VanHorn and others. Myrtle, 32, Robert and Nathan Butler. Dove, 30, Moses Morrill and others.

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Mariner, 17, Abraham Killam and others. Bee, 13, J. Landers and others. Mopdy and others. Sovereign, , B. Empress, , Eben and Amos Scott. Caroline, , Samuel Killam. British Queen,.

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  5. Lady Falkland, , James Baker and others. Rose, , Freeman Crosby and others. Southampton, , Samuel Flint and others. Prince Albert, , Nathan Weston and others. Elizabeth, , E. Ann, , John W. Lovitt and others. Pearl, , Samuel Huestis and others. Mariner, , Crocker Hemeon and others. Minerva, , George Trefry. Enterprise, , Thomas Killam. Kecord of Yarmouth Shipping.

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    Martha Grenoe, 55, Elkanah Clements, Jr. Margaret, 55, Samuel Stanwood. Friendship, 86, Stanwood and Tookers. North America, 27, Joseph Stoneman.

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    Frances, 15, Perrys and J. Mayflower, 15, Raymond and Perry.. Ellen, 10, Vincent Coutreau. Killam, John K. Lucy, , F. Redding, Henry Heckman. Ellen wood, Benj. Ruth Eliza, , Benj. Flirt, , Samuel Dunseith. Enchantress, 85, Joseph and Thos. Adelaide, 81, James Walker. Maria, 75, Nathan Weston. Guest, N. The parcel number is a 16 digit number in format. The next 6 digits are x-y map coordinates with 3 digits each. The last 4 characters are only used if the parcel needs further description.

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    Website version: 9. Harris Computer Corporation. The cover w i l l probably be an illustration of the w o n derful hand carved Boathouse sign on the front of the building. We need a name for the book, if y o u ' v e got an idea send it along. Finally w e ' l l need some test kitchens. E a c h recipe should be tested by someone to ensure accuracy. If you have any questions or ideas, or are w i l l i n g to help with the project please call L e s l i e at Columbia River Maritime Museum It's fitting-out time again, and time to mark your calendars with the dates of boat show and on the water events.

    Plan now to attend the L o w e r C o l u m b i a R o w In for a l l human powered craft, scheduled for Sunday, August 28, As you know, we plan the R o w - i n around the tides and hope the weather w i l l take care of itself. This year, registration and boat launching are from 8 to 10 a. We encourage pre registration! Boats w i l l be classed for competition after the registration on the morning of the event, and we w i l l have an unlimited class this year.

    R o w in events w i l l include a slalom course, run against time; a children's event; and opportunities for everyone to compete in various l o n g and short. There w i l l also be a picket race, in which boaters predict their time between checkpoints. F i n a l l y , a few logistical notes. In response to some participants' concerns, we have planned a new three-cornered race course layout to work better with the strong C o l u m b i a R i v e r currents. Rules of the road w i l l be furnished to all participants, as w i l l copies of the day's events.

    D o c k m a s t e r w i l l be stationed on the floating dock and 17th street pier as w e l l as the " B i g - B o a t " launch at the East E n d M o o r i n g B a s i n , to answer course questions, regulate traffic, and keep events flowing smoothly. It should be a terrific day for family boating fun, and w e ' l l do all we can to make it safe and enjoyable for one and.

    Ehrheart as away to teach and share information about wooden boat inspection, repair and maintenance. It also is designed as a forum for passing on the traditions and our maritime history. L e e believes we are a l l students and teachers to one another and that everyone has experience to share, young and old. The school is committed to the teaching and sharing of knowledge from the marine trades, through instruction and hands on experience and, to share the depth of our expertise and wisdom. The school feels a professional obligation to teach the skills needed in today's world of maritime activities and professions.

    Classes and seminars are designed for those. A l l levels of relevant study are provided. L e e ' s experience spans over 25 years of working in boatyards in Norway, N e w Zealand, California and Seattle. He comes from a "hands o n " shipwright background whose love and enthusiasm for wooden boats has been felt in a l l corners of the Pacific Northwest.

    He has been teaching to many organizations for eight years and has been an active and supporting member of the Center for Wooden Boats and our 4th of July boat show. H i s ex Norwegian fishing vessel, Havorn, is open to the public at the show. M o r e restoration work is happening on our postage stamp site than is theoretically possible. But at the Center for Wooden Boats' shoreline, theory ends, improbability begins and the shop lights have been burning into the wee hours.

    Since January, a 12' Whitehall and 13' Chamberlain D o r y S k i f f have been restored and added to our livery fleet. The work is being done by dozens of skilled volunteers, supervised by C a r l L i n d , Center for Wooden Boats' boatwright. Carl conducted a restoration workshop in M a r c h in order to have a group follow the whole procedure of examining a sick boat, analyzing its problems, planning its restoration and implementing the plan. The patient was an 18' Concordia Sloop Boat. It now has new frames, floor timbers, centerboard trunk, transom and coaming.

    H a l Hanson donated this fine vessel to us, in the hopes that he was also getting rid of its' maintenance headaches. However, H a l voluntarily joined the rigging crew, and in addition took the bowsprit home for a winter session of scraping, sanding and varnishing. Amie is just about ready to sail again. Herreshoff 28' Ketch H They also rebuilt the H engine.

    It was one of the first H's, built in Both the B - 3 3 and H are be part of our A d vanced Sailing programs, when not on exhibit. N e w l y added to the livery fleet are C W B workshop built boats. They i n clude the skiff Heidi built in a class lead by R i c h K o l i n and two 15' L a k e Oswego Boats and a 15' A c m e skiff, done in workshops taught by E r i c Hvalsoe. A 13' Peapod, built by an E r i c D o w class has also been recently added.

    A Hvalsoe workshop recently launched two 10'LawIey Tenders. Resource Institute founder Jonathan were asked to chose the names. One is Fujiama and the other is St. Guess White reads from his book Talking on the Water which was just released by who chose w h i c h. Restoration work at the Center for Sierra C l u b B o o k s.

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    7. Jonathan spent ten W o o d e n Boats has become one of our years skippering his foot schooner most popular exhibits. Y o u can come to Crusader through Puget Sound and watch, but we w i l l be happy to accept S o u t h e a s t A l a s k a w i t h R e s o u r c e your time and skills, and even cash do- Institute's Seminars Afloat. In his book nations, to keep the boats in good condi- he interviews many of the seminar leaders who traveled with h i m. Poets Gary tion and able to be used. Snyder and Robert B l y , writer Gretchen E h r l i c h , psychologist, James H i l l m a n and whale biologist Roger Payne, among others, explore the connections between humans, nature and creativity.

      W e ' l l have copies of Talking on the Water available for purchase. In our time together, we reflected on the events we had shared together on various outings and field trips. It was at this time I learned that this client had never been out in a boat on the water until he came along for a sail at the Center. He further explained that going out on the water actually helped him feel very relaxed and distracted from the details of his life.

      As he Dear Dick, Leslie and all members of began to slip away from this world, his face took on a very peaceful, tranquil the Center for Wooden Boats: look. Many tricks of magic were I thought he was dreaming. His reply Yokosuka, Japan, a long time member revealed by Eric Hvalsoe i. Shortly there-of C W B , came to Seattle in order to rabbet on stem, rebate on the end of to express our most sincere appreciaafter, he passed from this world.

      I relate participate in a lapstrake workshop A p r i l plank, steamed frame setting etc. The class built a 10' - 6" staff and membership of your organizaAll six students of us should have tion. Activity programming is such a portant activities such as trips to the L a w l e y Tender. What follows is his acquired the confidence of lapstrake Center for Wooden Boats are to our letter to us, after returning home. Some of us may build lapclients. The relation-and patience has truly added to the lives one's confidence when one accomSeven years have passed in an ship that we have cultivated with the of out clients.

      Thank you again for yourinstant since I called on the Center in plished one's task by experiences of Center for Wooden Boats has greatly continued support. Here's to a bright So long years I've waited for this difficulties. We did it and will do! Buds sprouting in Seattle gray, Sincerely, Three books reading was very Violet bundle swinging on stem, difficult for me to understand, but actuRecently, I was privileged to share Christopher Backous A tender launched. Weather permitting, they are given sailing instruction. The following is a letter recently received from Bailey-Boushay House:.

      It probably took the Herreshoff shop about 2 weeks to build this boat. A n y o n e planning to restore a classic boat to its original c o n d i t i o n should read R o n ' s chronicle and believe it. If time is a factor in considering whether to restore, then don't! Fitted and installed cockpit sole beams, margin and floorboards. Fitted aft bulkhead and reinstalled original deck planking. Caulked foredeck planks. L a i d new canvas on fore and after decks. Note: The watertight integrity of the foredeck and forward bulkhead was restored.

      A watertight closure plate is installed in the forward bulkhead access cutout when underway. There are a few things that probably could use a little more attention, but I am the only one who knows what they are and you're not here to inspect. As you already know, the boat sails beautifully and attracts a lot of attention, even here in San Diego. Few know what it is though. Refinished mast and spars. G o t out, clamped and fitted Note: H a l f green or air dried white oak was not available in lengths required for the coamings in the San D i ego area.

      The best I could do was to scarf KD vertical grain white oak. I prebent the stock by steaming and clamping over a trap to achieve some bend and twist but not much. Getting the correct angle and bevel along with length to fit these coaming was easily the toughest part of the whole project. Removed trim, cockpit coaming and sole, seat knees, etc. Note: It was not possible to brace boat to overhead structure to maintain shape due to work location, so internal bracing along with exterior chocking was used.

      Removed foredeck. Removed stem. Removed broken fasteners from the stem and filled holes with whittled pegs set in epoxy. Faired stem rabbet. F i l l e d fastener holes in hood ends of planking and reinstalled stem. Note: A mixture of West System epoxy, micro-balloons and micro-fibers mixed to achieve the approximate density of northern white cedar was used to f i l l fastener holes i n the planking.

      Removed after deck. Split out every other frame, removed associated floors and filled fastener holes. Smoothed up top of keel, F i t new air dried white oak floors temporarily fastened to keel using lag screws. Steamed and bent in new frames using green white oak. Repeated for remaining frame stations.

      Lifted boat off lead keel, fastened floors to keel, refilled voids with approximately 50 lbs. B u i l t up and faired keel rabbet. F a i r e d floors in way of garboards. Painted a l l fraying surfaces with red lead. Spiled, got out and hung new northern white cedar garboards. Spiled and fitted forward bulkheads. This is the only instance where original materials was knowingly not used.

      Bulkhead was canvas covered for appearance. F i l l e d plank fastener heads. Sealed seams with Interlux underwater seam c o m pound. Primed planking with red lead below the waterline. Plugged fastener holes, fitted grav-. Faired hull planking, sanded, primed and painted hull. Fitted, varnished and installed toe rails, cockpit trim, etc. Fitted redesigned side seat center knees to eliminate the stress points where the knees attach to the frames.

      W i r e brushed available original hardware. Obtained replica replacements for missing hardware from Bristol Bronze Roger Winiarski. Installed hardware, set up rigging, reeved running rigging, etc. M o s t of the work was accomplished at Koehlers Boatyard on Shelter Island where I set up a canvas cover over an outdoor workspace. The project spanned over three years and required about 1, hours of actual work plus about an equal number of hours messing around.

      The charts are on the table and the voyage is being planned! The museum along with the Center for Wooden Boats and Northwest Seaport w i l l tell the story of our maritime past. This rich and colorful history began with the beautifully crafted cedar dugout canoes of the native people. Sailing ships brought the early explorers in late 's and early 's. The first steam vessel, Beaver arrived in and early settlers also started arriving in every area of the Northwest.

      They needed transportation - steamboats answered the c a l l and eventually became so numerous they were fondly called the "Mosquito Fleet. Colleen Wagner The shipping trade flourished as d i d the fishing industry and boat building. Thousands of great ships and small boats were built. Ships came for cargo from around the world. A way of life, in fact, life itself, and the growth of our towns and cities were dependent upon and influenced by our great maritime past. P S M H S first raised sail in as a non-profit organization and dropped anchor since at the M u s e u m of History and Industry also exhibiting in a storefront at Chandler's C o v e , South Lake Union , members have worked hard to preserve, exhibit, research, publish a quarterly, maritime journal, present an educational program monthly and assemble a resource library.

      Our knowledgeable members represent every area of the maritime w o r l d and w o u l d love to pass it on to others. The Puget Sound Maritime M u s e u m. Classes w i l l be offered in sailor's arts like model ship building, singing sea chanties, scrimshaw, putting a ship in a bottle, knot tying, and making ditty bags and sails. A small theater w i l l present one act plays, lectures, and demonstrations. A library w i l l make volumes of information on maritime culture, books, charts, ship's lines and photos available to our community.

      A n d with the small craft of the Center for W o o d e n boats, the large vessels of Northwest Seaport, and our archival resources we w i l l be able to offer our community the most inclusive maritime heritage encounter on the West Coast. The Puget Sound Maritime M u s e u m w i l l present history in creative formats. Imagine a full time actor bringing people back in time to aboard the Beaver as she steamed into Elliott Bay for the first time. The Puget Sound Maritime M u s e u m w i l l also be an inspirational tool for teachers covering the history and the environment of small craft and large vessels in the Northwest.

      We truly have a heritage to be proud of. Anyone who would like to sign on as part of the crew and help make this challenging voyage a success w i l l be most welcome aboard. It w i l l take many hands! Box,Seattle,WA , T h e m i s s i o n of the Center for Wooden Boats is to preserve and interpret our maritime small craft heritage.

      We encourage our visitors to use a good portion of our collection of historic boats. That is what these boats were built for, and direct experience is the most challenging and long lasting means of learning. T h e Center for W o o d e n B o a t s C W B is committed to being a resource, serving the whole rainbow of our community. In order to do that we have initiated programs to encourage those people who w o u l d not normally be involved with small craft to come down and participate in a heritage we all share.

      Interspersed in this report are unedited comments from the journals o f the " A l l A b o a r d " summer school students of June-August I learned about some different kinds of boats today. We went out sailing for an hour and learned to go in circles.

      Boats are interesting. C W B provides an environment free of a l l the negative factors associated with failure. It is on the water. There are no streets, alleys, garbage cans, cars or telephone; no police sirens, shouts in the dark, or shots in the dark. Today I steered a boat and learned how to set up a jibe successfully. I also learned how to screw in screws really tightly and how to use new tools. I especially enjoyed woodworking today. The floats are tippy. The boats are even tippier. The w i n d is cold, the water is cold.

      These are the challenges at C W B , that one must be prepared for. Questions are encouraged. T e s t i n g oneself with the oars and sheets are encouraged. Students figure how to deal with wind and waves, cold and fatigue. It is a trial and error process. The environment is a perfect medium for self-growth and rejuvenation. Today we had Okay day. We learned more than we did the other day. I learned about sailing and about how to make ropes. We had to make up a design how to make these ropes. So we drew picture of little machines. The students are learning the hard skills of sailing and rowing, knotwork and woodwork.

      They are also learning the values of teamwork and the responsibilities of leadership as they rotate at the helm of the rowing g i g or sloop. We went in a row boat about 5 of us. We learned new commands and rowed. Then we went sailing. It was fun A voyage on a four oared g i g or a 30' sloop involves using an encyclopedia of stored knowledge.

      It includes applied physics, algebra, geometry and trigonometry. It expands their language skills. They gain an appreciation of our small craft heritage and how a hands-on his-. Today we finished the rope maker and it worked c o o l then we went sailing it was great w i n d and I loved it.